Adperium Advertising Network

We monetize over 4 billion banner
impressions each month.

Adperium is an innovative online advertising network. Our self-service online advertising platform Direct Ads is user-friendly and packed with the latest technologies. Advertisers can target specific countries, devices, publishers, and domains.
Each month, we monetize over 4 billion banner impressions for over 3,000 advertisers. We work with large, premium publishers, representing a wide variety of websites. Furthermore, we are partnered with AppNexus, Yahoo Ad Exchange and Google Doubleclick. Therefore, we can target every possible audience all over the world, either on desktop or mobile.
If you have any questions, get in touch with us through email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or phone!

For Advertisers

Direct Ads™ is our self-service DSP that allows you to run display and mobile campaigns - manage and optimize your campaigns 24/7 with full support from our account managers. Everything is integrated.


Whether you are looking for online sign-ups, downloads, installs or sales: we can deliver the actions you are looking for. Our technology is performance-oriented, allowing us to focus and optimize on the CPL/CPI/CPS goals that matter to you.

Powerful analytics

With near real-time statistics, advanced reporting and graphs, we can show you the information you want - with just a single click.

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For Publishers

No need to wait a day to see your up-to-date stats: at Adperium, we have near real-time stats on your traffic. All reports are available for quick retrieval, no need to wait minutes to get your up-to-date stats!

Revenue-boosting ad units

Do you want to earn higher CPM rates? Use our innovative ad units such as catfish, layers/pops and sliders. Available by default in your account! We support display and mobile ad units, secure and non-secure.

Best campaigns

Instead of re-selling your traffic, we have the best in-house campaigns! With over 2,500 direct advertisers running thousands of campaigns, we yield the best results for your traffic.

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Cross platform ad units

Adperium works cross-platform

Our partners and testimonials

  • It's a pleasure to work with such a professional network, and they provide high-quality campaigns and traffic. We highly recommend everyone in the advertising business to work with Adperium, I always get a response to every request and the CEO Niek is available 24/7. As for the payment terms: they have unlimited credit with us and the payments received are like a Swiss watch, always on time!

    Tal Feigel, Campaign Manager Director, Marimedia

  • Adperium has been an invaluable partner since 2009 providing us with tools and support unmatched by any other network. The Direct Ads self-serve platform has given us a way to acquire traffic outside of our own network through an easy to use interface. The latest update brings increased functionality and a more efficient workflow.

    Jamie Dalgetty, VP Network Operations, Bootcamp Media

  • For more than 5 years, I am getting excellent results with my online campaigns at Adperium. The team is very responsive and efficient. This is a company I'm sure I'll do business with for many years to come.

    Oren Mizrav, Director of Ad Operations, Musiclab

  • It's always our greatest pleasure to work with Adperium! Unlike their competitors, everyone we are in contact with is competent and feature requests we have, are actually getting done. Furthermore, they have the most competitive prices on both sides, buying & selling and we appreciate that they are always taking efforts for innovation. Adperiums' professionalism should be a leading standard for the industry and we sincerely believe that all of our advertisement needs are met and taken seriously here.

    Connice Lee, CEO, Yieldads